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Auto-Off when selected pressure has reached. Perfect for inflatable SUP or Boats with small volume. Volume: 160l/minute (Compressor). Max. Pressure: 1,0bar/14 BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump | SETUP Screw the other end of hose onto red inflation port on the end of pump.

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Pressure selection facilitated with this special manometer.Reading scale in bar and PSI.Voltage 12 V DCTurbine flow rate 420 l/min Piston BTP12 Single Pump. BTP12 Single Pump is a high-pressure and lightweight piston pump. It can inflate and deflate inflatable SUPs quickly. It is designed to stop automatically once it reaches pressure setting. Check from Amazon.

It's easy to know exactly what pressure you have with the built-in 0-15 psi gauge.

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Programmerbar pump där du ställer in vid vilket tryck pumpen ska stanna, samtidigt som du kan se det nuvarande trycket i displayen. Klarar tryck upp till 1 bar. The Bravo BTP12 is a super efficient lightweight dual stage stage high pressure piston pump that will inflate from 1 to 15 PSI in approximately 4-6 minutes and completely deflate your board in 2-3 minutes.

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Btp12 pump


Btp12 pump

All you need to do is set your pressure and the pump takes care of all the hard work uptil it reaches desired PSI and shuts of automatically. The come with a hose, alligator clips and carry bag. The BP 12 is a one-stage pump (high pressure/low volume) that only produces 150 liters per minute (150 L/min). The Bravo BTP12 Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump is an ultra-fast electric pump. It is made even more convenient with a battery which neatly fits into its carry bag. This two-stage electric pump will rapidly inflate you inflatable craft with a high capacity turbine blower and then switch to a high pressure piston pump to pressurize the hull from 1 to 14.5 PSI. Rechargeable 12V Ni-Mh Cell BTP12 Extended Battery Pack Kit for the Bravo BTP12K Manometer Electric Kite Pump, also compatible with Bravo BP12 and BTP12 model line. Extended Performance Ni-Mh Battery Pack Compatible with BP / BTP-12 Modular Plug system (plug and play), fits in side pocket of BTP12 pump bag, self contained and portable.
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Pressure: 1.0bar (14.5 PSI)DetailsElectrical High-End pump, inflates with 450 litres/min. the main volume and switches automatically to Compression mode to inflate pressures with 160 litres/min. Delivery includes SUP-Pump with Bag, SUP-Valve-Adapter and clamp-connector for ca The pump, cables and hose all fit in a handy zipper carry case, with shoulder strap. Never worry about how you will get your favorite inflatable up and on the water again with the Bravo BTP 12 High-Pressure 12 Volt electric pump. Elektriska 12 volt-pumpar för hemmabruk samt proffesionellt bruk. Vi har 12 volt-pumpar för alla ändamål med tryck mellan 80 och 800 mbar och luftflöde mellan 150 till 1000 l/min.

BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump for Inflatable SUPs, Kayaks annd Boats at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. We Sell A BTP12 Electric Pump . The Bravo BTP 12 is a portable 12v Battery Powered pump that easily to connects to cars, boats or ATV batteries. This pump will effortlessly inflate your inflatable SUP’s up to 15psi in a matter of minutes. Will inflate all iSUP’s with HR style inflation valves Bravo BTP12 12V Pump - Bravo electric, foot, hand and stirrup pumps.
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View compared  Buy Online Electric pump. Bravo BTP 12 manometre (6791130) on Alitools ▻ price history charts, photo reviews, seller ratings and much more. The Bravo BTP 12v Pump features a Digital pressure setting and simultaneously displays real and programmed pressure. Pressure measurement can be  Bravo Btp12 Replacement Piston Cylinder, Bravo BTP Pump Parts, Bravo BTP- 12 Pump Parts, BPT12 High Pressure Cylinder, BTP12 Piston Cylinder. Bravo BTP12 - 12 Volt Electrical Manometer SUP Pump - Inflates SUP Up To 15 PSI · Capacity 450 Lt / per min · Piston flow rate : 160Lt /per min · Turbine flow rate:  Scoprega GE BTP 12 Manometer Electric Air Pump. Maximum Pressure: 14.5 PSI , Volume: 120-420 Liters / Minute. Includes Analog Pressure Selector,  BTP 12 Volt Pump Kit: Save your arms for paddling.

Ideal for inflating and deflating boats up to 6 meters. Principle: electric air pump Model: Bravo BTP 12 Digital An upscale and practical pump for connecting e.g.
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€129.00 . Estimated availability: Quantity. Add to cart. Leasing counter. View compared  Buy Online Electric pump.

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YAK-POWER Serious Complete System –

Automatic electric pump with manometer. Powerful, reliable and easy to use. Voltage 12 V DC; Max pressure 1 bar/14,5 psi; Turbine flow rate 450   27 Jul 2020 BTP12 two stage elelctric pump.